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Registered Education Savings Plan

Main Features

  • A registered education savings plan (RESP) allows parents and grandparents who set up the plan to finance their children’s or grandchildren’s post-secondary education.
  • A family RESP can be established for several children and contributions made on behalf of each child, provided that the beneficiaries are related to the subscriber by blood or adoption.
  • The lifetime RESP contribution limit is $50,000 per child, with no annual limit.
  • The federal government provides a matching contribution of 20 cents for every dollar saved, up to a maximum of $500 per year ($1,000 with unused contribution room) and a $7,200 lifetime limit.
  • The provinces of Alberta and Quebec have also additional measures for RESP.
  • RESP contributions are not tax deductible but can grow tax-free until the child begins post-secondary education.
  • Many investment tools such as guaranteed certificates of deposit sold through Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc., when acting as a national life insurance brokerage agency, are RESP eligible.

Major Advantages

  • Grandparents can take out an RESP for their grandchildren.
  • RESPs can have more than one beneficiary, which makes it easier to transfer accumulated sums from one child to another if one of the two does not pursue post-secondary education.
  • RESPs are not subject to any foreign content restrictions.
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